Equus Lodge Stud


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Equus Lodge Stud is a small stud specialising in breeding Pure Spanish (P.R.E.) horses.

The best care and attention is given to the family from birth, including high quality nutritious feed. After weening, foals are with the main herd, where they learn social skills interacting with other horses of all ages. They are still handled twice a day.

A rigorous documented programme of checking feet, dentistry, worming and tetanus is applied to all. As they get older and develop further, basic halter and float training commences.

Our mares were carefully selected from all over Australia, registered in the Spanish Stud book and approved for breeding by ANCCE. They were chosen for temperament, conformation, movement and colour.

The same selection criteria was applied to PDC Alfonso, our foundation stallion. He was State Champion Ridden Andalusian (2010 & 2011) and has reached Medium Open Competition dressage. Alfonso's bloodlines can be traced back to Military, Terry and Alvar Domecq. His great grand sire competed at Wembley.

Equus Lodge offer covering services, including AI, chilled and frozen semen with LFG.

Although based in Western Australia, we support our interstate customers with assistance in transportation.

Our overriding goal is to promote the pure Spanish Horse which originates as far back as Roman times. The original stud book was founded by King Phillip II of Spain in 1567.


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      National Champion Female 2012

PDC Carmencita 


 National Champion Junior Spanish Andalusian 2012

Equus Lodge Olivia

 National Reserve Champion Junior Spanish Female 2012

Equus Lodge Oihana

All horses are registered P.R.E. and with Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia (AHAA)

contact: +61 (0)438 37 38 36 | equuslodge@equuslodgestud.com